13th African Games: Fans assured of adequate transportation

The Chairman of the Transporta­tion Sub-Com­mittee of the 13th African Games (Accra 2023), Lo­cal Organising Committee (LOC), Mr Samson Deen, has assured that there would be adequate and accessible transportation to members of the public to all the venues of the games.

According to Mr Deen, about 50 ‘Aayalolo’ buses have been des­ignated for the transportation of fans to the venues at the Universi­ty of Ghana, Legon, Accra Sports Stadium, Borteyman as well as the Trust Sports Emporium (Bukom Arena).

“There would be a Transport Mall at the entrance of the Legon Games Village with buses moving every 10 minutes to carry fans to the venues,” he stated in an inter­view with the Times Sports.

He said measures had been put in place to ensure the smooth transportation of fans to the venues to cheer their teams on, while urging motorists to abide by traffic regulations in order to en­sure that guests, athletes, officials and fans moved swiftly to carry out their duties.

A fleet vehicle for the games
A fleet vehicle for the games

“Our only challenge is motor­ists who might make it difficult for our vehicles to move smooth­ly to the venues. The event is for all Ghanaians and the continent and we must abide by the rules, especially on the streets to ensure a successful event,” he stated.

Aside vehicles for the fans, Mr Deen announced that they have secured 332 vehicles that would take care of guests, media, athletes and officials from the 54 countries.

He also explained that 54 4×4 landcruiser vehicles would be pro­vided for representative ministers or state officials for each of the countries while the 29 sports fed­erations would also be allocated vehicles.

That service, he added, would also be extended to the Techni­cal Committee members of the African Games (TCAG), which include the African Union and the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) and other stakeholders.

Athletes and officials, he said, would have dedicated vehicles to training, move around to venues and to their places of abode.

“Each Chef de Mission would also have a dedicated transport that will take at least four passen­gers,” he stated.

He added that each country would have a mini bus (shuttle ve­hicle) with their names boldly in­scribed on it while the media and the over 2,000 volunteers would also be assigned with vehicles.

He further stated that hotels including Movenpick, Kempiski, Labadi Beach Hotel and Accra City Hotels would have special vehicles to take guests to their destinations.

“All visiting officials from the International Olympic Commit­tee, the Confederation of African Football would be assigned with vehicles. There would be deliv­ery tracks, ambulance and other medical vehicles for the Games,” he added.

He therefore urged all to co­operate with transport arrange­ments and avoid any chaos that could occur if traffic was not well managed.


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