White House's first chief diversity officer to leave the Biden administration

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WASHINGTON — Michael Leach, the White House’s first chief diversity and inclusion officer, is leaving the administration, the White House confirmed Thursday.

Leach will leave the White House later this month, said a White House official, who added that the move had been in the works for a while. Leach is also a special assistant to the president.

The White House official described one of Leach’s most significant achievements as “helping staff up the most diverse administration in history.” The Biden administration wants to make sure Leach’s work continues and is searching for his replacement, the official said. 

Leach led President Joe Biden’s diversity and inclusion efforts during his 2020 presidential campaign, according to his LinkedIn profile, and he has been with the administration since Biden entered the Oval Office. He called his job “the honor of a lifetime” in an interview with The Associated Press, which previously reported Leach’s planned departure.