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'Unhinged' video of Real Housewives star screaming at mom before shock 'firing'

RHOSLC star Monica Garcia and her mom appear in a leaked video, where they are shouting at each other. Her mother appears to tell Monica that her “job is to get screen time and scenes.”

Viewers have seen the tense relationship between The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Monica and her mother play out on-screen. Since then, an “unhinged” screaming match off-camera has been leaked.

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RHOSLC: Monica and her mom on video

Monica and her mom, Linda Darnell, who has featured on RHOSLC, were seen on video having a screaming match. Her mother is heard saying: “You have to pretend and make nice! Monica, this is a job.”

She is also telling her daughter: “It’s a reality show. It’s a job and your job is to get screen time and scenes. Stop getting too personal and out of control. It’s a job that you worked hard to get!”

Monica says “Lori, the head person” told her “I did the best at the party and everyone else dropped the ball.” Monica’s mom asks: “Oh, you did the best, as in acting sloppy?” Monica yells “Yes!”

‘Unhinged’ video before shock ‘firing’

The video shows the row following their fight at Angie Katsanevas’ Greek Easter celebration. Monica faces a ton of insults, such as not playing nice with her co-stars.

Linda tells Monica: “The only thing that you did was unite those four a**holes, that’s the only thing that you did,’ Linda said, in reference to Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, Heather Gay and Whitney Rose.

Monica then accused her mother of leaving her ‘completely in the f***king water with these b***hes” when she left the party. “Don’t start this s**t with me,’ she warns her mother in the explosive augment.

“You’re a f***king mess, and you f***ked it up yesterday!” Monica yelled. “You are insane, you looked like a crazy person just so you know.” Linda then says she took a day off work to film with the RHOSLC star.

Leaked video of Monica and her mom screaming at each other after Angie’s Greek Easter Party…Yikes
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Is Monica coming back to RHOSLC?

Currently, there are no confirmations Monica is coming back to RHOSLC, but multiple reports state she isn’t. However, Garcia herself has not confirmed she’s been let go from the show.

It was discovered on Tuesday’s season 4 finale that she was allegedly responsible the troll account on Instagram account Reality Von Tease, a page created around three years ago trolling cast members.

Executive producers confirmed the news Tuesday evening in an interview with Variety, saying the cast needed time to regroup. Andy Cohen later suggested that Garcia’s exit might be “a break” on WWHL.


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