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The Traitors Valentine's cards are guaranteed to convince your crush you'll stay faithful

Give your crush you’ve kept your eye on for months The Traitors Valentine’s Day card and you’re bound to get a text back. If you’ve already got a date lined up, add in a card game for extra flirting points.

Everyone knows Diane is the sassiest queen on The Traitors! There’s all sorts of romantic, banter cards ,you can gift a loved one if they’re also a huge fan, such as a cartoon of Diane saying, “I’d share my fizzy rose with you.” It’s giving… faithful.

Traitors Valentine’s Day card – Diane’s sassy drink

Diane’s sassy drink with the words, “I’d share my fizzy rose with you,” tops the list of Traitors Valentine’s cards this year. It’s one of many in the Thortful card collection inspired by the BBC show.

There are also Etsy Valentine’s items, such as a £3.75 card with the words, “I would Di 4 u!” alongside a cartoon creation of Diane. Or there is one that says, “I could never banish you,” featuring The Traitors in cloaks.

Another Traitors-inspired V Day card is one that reads, “I’d kill for you,” which is perfect if you’re into horror movies. And if your crush is a fan of Paul, there’s a card with his face on for £3.50 on Etsy.

Get your flirt on as a faithful

To confess how committed you are to a potential or current relationship, Thortful are selling a card with Claudia Winkleman’s face with the caption: “To my Valentine, I will always be faithful,” for £3.49.

There’s another for the same price, stating: “I know you’re 100% faithful.”

If you’re a sucker for poems, check out this card: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not a traitor because I’m 100% faithful to you.”

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Extra points with a Traitors card game

If you’re worried about awkward silences, bring along this Traitors card game from the Calendar Club. It costs just £10.80, allowing fans of the TV show to play along with friends and family.

The Faithful members work to correctly identify the hidden Traitors in their midst and collect gold, all while the Traitors stay undercover to steal the winnings for themselves.


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