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Swamp People star's favorite snack explains his high energy for catching alligators

Troy Landry’s favorite boat snack explains how he always has energy to catch alligators. His Swamp People co-star Anna Ribbeck shared a video asking the King of The Swamp what he’s feasting on…

Wearing his best ‘Choot ‘Em’ hat, Swamp People star Anna captured a behind the scenes moment on camera. As it turns out, Troy Landry‘s best snack while catching gators is the same as his son Jacob’s choice.

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Troy Landry’s favorite boat snack

Co-star Anna Ribbeck asked Troy, “Very important question: What is your favorite boat snack?” He doesn’t hesitate to answer! Troy revealed his boat snack of choice is Hershey’s with almonds.

He adds: “Oh yeah, love them. Make me feel good. Don’t worry about my health, I eat three or four Hershey bars a day, it’s a stress reliever. So I bring like, five a day.”

One fan joked: “I thought Troy was gonna say gator claw.”

A long-running joke as mentioned on the History show saw a commenter write: “I thought they had to have a dozen doughnuts.”

His son Jacob feels the same

Jacob also loves Hershey bars with almonds, adding a 100 Grand bar “comes close.” Co-star Little Willie changes up the game by choosing a blueberry muffin, which Anna describes as “different”.

She confesses everyone else’s favorite boat snack has been candy. Troy doesn’t just love Hershey’s but boiling crawfish he catches while out on the Bayou river.

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Swamp People co-star calls out Landry

Zak ‘Catch Em’ on Swamp People has finally discovered who the thief of his candy is. He joked in the comments: “I’ve seen candy go missing quite a few times around that amazing man 😂😂.”

Luckily, Zak and his co-stars don’t need to worry about Daniel Edgar stealing their sweet treats. He told Anna in her snack series that his go-to is a Po’Boy, a New Orleans version of a meat or fish sandwich.


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