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'Selfish' fans beg for 'breath of fresh air' anchor's return – 'unbearable without you'

MSNBC fans are dubbing themselves “selfish” for wanting Nicolle Wallace to return to her daily show, Deadline: White House. Many are keen to find out more about when the political commentator is set to return to the screen and others are wondering if she still works for MSNBC.

Nicolle made her TV debut 10 years ago when she appeared alongside Rosie Perez on ABC show The View. She went on to join NBC News, working on Morning Joe and The Today Show. Now, she’s the Deadline: White House anchor, but fans have been seriously missing her presence in recent months.

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Fans ask when Nicolle Wallace returns to MSNBC

Since Nicolle Wallace has been absent from her regular role on Deadline: White House, fans have been eager for her to announce a date she’ll return to the show.

On December 5, she revealed via X (Twitter) she was set to appear as anchor again after just two weeks off, but for “one day only.”

Nicolle’s tweet had some of her fans calling themselves “selfish,” writing: “I know I am a selfish lout, but it’s pretty unbearable not having you on air every day.”

More said they “miss” the anchor and others support Nicolle taking time away from work writing: “You deserve this time with your family and they deserve you. Thanks for taking a day to do this.”

Does Nicolle still work for MSNBC?

Yes. Nicolle Wallace is still the Deadline: Whitehouse anchor on MSNBC.

The 51-year-old Orange County, California native is taking some time off for maternity leave this January.

In mid-November 2023, loyal Deadline fans noticed Nicolle’s absence. Thankfully, her reason for being away from the news and opinion show was a positive one – she and her husband welcomed their first child together.

Nicolle and Michael S Schmidt tied the knot in 2022 and welcomed their daughter via surrogate a year and a half later.

While Nicolle is on maternity leave, which in the US usually lasts around 12 weeks, anchor Ali Velshi is fulfilling some “new news Uncle-y responsibilities.” He wrote on X in late November: “…I’ll be in taking care of ⁦@DeadlineWH⁩ on Mondays and Tuesdays 4-6p while my friend @NicolleDWallace ⁩ is taking care of brand new Isabella “Izzy” Sloane Schmidt!”

If Nicolle is set to take around 12 weeks of maternity leave, she’ll likely return to MSNBC in February.

Why is Mehdi Hasan leaving?

MSNBC viewers are likely pleased to know Nicolle is remaining on the show and will return to her 4 pm slot after maternity leave.

However, another news host announced this January he is leaving MSNBC for good. Mehdi Hasan is looking for “a new challenge,” per The Hollywood Reporter.

Mehdi announced during the final episode of his show, The Mehdi Hasan Show, it’s a “new year,” which means “new plans.”

He said: “Tonight is not just my final episode of The Mehdi Hasan Show. It’s my last day with MSNBC. Yes, I’ve decided to leave.”

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