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Real Housewives star slammed for supporting daughter as photo sends 'wrong message'

Lisa Rinna’s daughter Amelia Gray has graced the cover of The Perfect Magazine. The model posed in unique back bends to show off her figure, but the RHOBH star is being slammed for supporting her.

Former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa reposted her model daughter’s magazine cover, as moms do. However, she’s only brought in criticism from fans for sending the “wrong message to girls”.

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Lisa Rinna’s daughter graces cover

Lisa Rinna‘s daughter Amelia Gray starred on The Perfect Magazine cover, where she stunned in bikini shots and long red socks up to her thighs. “Wow to be shot by David Bailey 🤯,” commented Lisa.

The RHOBH star reposted her daughter’s model snaps, but this wasn’t well-received. The publication often speaks to the Rinnas, having recently spoken to Lisa while getting ready for The Fashion Awards.

Looking at the comments under Amelia’s page, she mostly received positive feedback from her 1.5 million followers, but her mother – who left the Bravo show recently – faced a lot of criticism.

Amelia Gray ‘sends wrong message’

Amelia showed off her slender figure in an exposing red bikini – with some serious underboob – by bending over and sitting on a thin pole, with heels on to complete the look.

One fan commented: “Honestly I would not be one bit proud if that was my daughter.” Another penned: “Beautiful face your daughter has but I feel it’s overshadowed by the lack of bikini.”

“She is beautiful, but I think this is sending the wrong message to young women/girls,” said a follower. Overall, most fans felt Amelia was showing too much skin, and didn’t agree with the cover.

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Some fans back Rinna’s daughter

Some fans aren’t in favor of the trolls’ opinions. One backed Rinna with: “I totally get why some are shock and awed but if this is the only power and control this generation feel empowered by then I totally get it.”

A follower said: “These comments did not pass the vibe check. The most horrific part is that it’s grown women tearing down other women. Like this type of modelling wasn’t around when we were young..”

“These negative comments are cringy, incredibly disrespectful. Regardless of your opinion on the photo, you’re dropping the comment under her mother’s post. You all wish you looked this “perfect”,” said a fan.

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