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Queer Eye star worked magic on 'female Louis Armstong's' business but it's now eerily quiet

New Orleans is a jazz music mecca, so it makes perfect sense for Queer Eye’s Fab Five to be paying a visit to a talented clarinetist in need of help in season 8. Doreen Ketchens is one of Queer Eye season 8’s Heros who was nominated by her daughter, Dorian.

Unbeknownst to Doreen, she was set to be honored at a jazz museum at the end of her week with the Fab Five. Queer Eye‘s Tan France, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness had some tricks up their sleeves to transform the Netflix star’s life ahead of the big day.


Doreen Ketchens is a ‘NOLA treasure’

Before Queer Eye viewers get to meet Doreen in season 8 episode 3, we’re introduced to some vital things about her by The Fab Five and Dorian.

The Hero is described as a “New Orleans treasure,” and a clarinetist who makes up one part of a band. She’s been dubbed “the female Louis Armstrong,” as well as “Queen Clarinet.”

Doreen, who trained classically, met her husband and fell in love with jazz. She says “clarinet is the bomb,” and shares the same passion for music as her life partner.

Daughter pushes for ‘next chapter’

Although Doreen has had huge success in her life as a musician, her daughter explains on Queer Eye how she needs a “retirement plan.”

That’s where Doreen’s Sweets comes in – the Hero’s late mother’s former business.

Doreen’s Sweet Shop was once a successful business. But, the Netflix star closed the shop to pursue music.

During the episode, the family explains how they want to keep Doreen’s mom’s legacy going.

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Doreen’s Sweet Shop now

By the end of Doreen’s Queer Eye episode, her sweet shop was unveiled after Bobby worked his magic.

The Hero was in tears and said she felt “so grateful, blessed, thankful, and full.” Doreen’s “beautiful” shop was a reminder of how important she is in the community.

However, on the star’s Facebook page, she doesn’t appear to post much about the shop.

Doreen lists herself in her bio as a “musician,” and “clarinetist,” and posts about her latest performances in New Orleans.

There’s no mention of the shop or her Queer Eye experience on her social media pages at the time of writing.


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