Ohio woman who miscarried at home will not be criminally charged, grand jury says

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An Ohio woman who faced a felony charge after she miscarried at home will not be charged, a grand jury decided Thursday.

Brittany Watts, 34, had been charged with abuse of a corpse after she miscarried into a toilet on Sept. 22 at her home in Warren, some 60 miles south of Cleveland. Her case has drawn international attention and fears among reproductive rights experts who see it as a dangerous precedent in post-Roe America.

A Trumbull County grand jury decided against indicting Watts on the abuse of corpse charge on Thursday afternoon, the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement to NBC News.

Watts, who is Black, was charged under a section of Ohio law that penalizes treatment of a human corpse in a “way that the person knows would outrage reasonable family sensibilities” or “community sensibilities.”