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Netflix star 'plays co-star for fool' in cutthroat new show with $250 prize

Jacob and Julie’s blossoming connection has The Trust: A Game of Greed fans totally livid. The brand-new and super-intense Netflix show arrived on the streaming service on Wednesday, January 10. There are many contestants to get to know, but stand-out stars so far include Julie, Jacob (Jake), and Tolú.

The Trust players arrive on the Netflix show as winners – technically. And, it’s down to how they navigate through the show as to how much money they can end up with. Eleven strangers including a “not so regular” grandma, a rancher, and a policeman are tested throughout the series. All kinds of appealing offers are dangled right before them in a bid to see how greedy they really are.

The Trust A Game of Greed – Meet Jacob and Julie

The eleven contestants taking part in The Trust: A Game of Greed are all totally different ages and have varying occupations.

Jacob Chocholous, 37, is a military contractor and Man Up Daily podcast host. He resides in Florida and has already had a taste of fame via his 115k follower-strong TikTok page.

Twenty-eight-year-old Julie Theis blows Jacob’s following out the water as she has a whopping 550k followers on TikTok. The entrepreneur also reps an impressive Master’s degree in Psychology.

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Some say Julie is ‘next out’

When it comes to reality TV shows, it’s not really the biggest shock when romances form among the cast mates, but some viewers appear to be super let down by Julie’s moves early on in The Trust.

While some fans described Jake’s conversation with fellow contestant Tolú Ekundare as “heartwarming,” others couldn’t help but be disappointed by Julie’s exchange with the military veteran.

Lots of fans took to X (Twitter) to air their thoughts on Julie sharing the girls’ moves with Jake.

One said: “Why am I not surprised with Julie giving info from the girls’ alliance to Jake… Lawd.”

Another tweeted: “Julie basically outing the girls alliance to Jake just confirmed everything Tolú and Winnie were afraid of. At first I thought they were going too hard at Julie but she was what they thought she was. That’s so unfortunate. I can no longer root for Julie.”

Some even predict Julie letting slip could get her eliminated by her peers.

The Trust fans roast Julie

The Trust: A Game of Greed requires some clever strategy and social skills from its players. Judging by fans tweets, most aren’t afraid to weigh in on Julie as she takes a liking to Jake.

However, some are hell-bent on making it clear Jake doesn’t seem to be reciprocating Julie’s energy.

One tweeted: “There’s literally not been one confessional from Jake talking about Julie. Her need from him to want her is awkward.”

Jake went on to choose Brian as his dinner date prompting fans to roast her even more. Some even suggest podcaster Jake is “playing” Julie in the game.


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