Lead border negotiator says no immigration deal this week as key sticking points remain

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WASHINGTON — Senate and White House negotiators are nearing an agreement on new immigration policies that would unlock aid for foreign allies but significant gaps remain.

Limits on the Biden administration’s use of humanitarian parole to authorize certain migrants who apply in advance to temporarily live and work legally in the U.S. is a top sticking point, according to three people involved in discussions as well as Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., who was briefed on talks.

Republicans want to restrict President Joe Biden’s use of that parole authority, arguing the administration has abused a tool designed for humanitarian relief. Agreeing to new limits would mark a significant concession for Democrats.

The Biden administration has used humanitarian parole to grant fast legal authorization for Afghans fleeing the Taliban and Ukrainians fleeing Russian occupation to come into the United States. Most recently, they began granting humanitarian parole to 30,000 migrants each month from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua as a legal pathway available for migrants from those countries who have a U.S.-based sponsor.