Household Kerosene prices surged 5.84% in December 2023 – NBS

Consumers witnessed a 5.84% surge in the average retail price per litre of Household Kerosene (HHK) in December 2023, reaching N1,362.27 compared to N1,287.10 in November 2023, according to the NBS National Household Kerosene Price Watch (December 2023).

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) further highlighted a substantial 23.33% year-on-year increase from the N1,104.61 recorded in December 2022.

Analysing state profiles, Abuja led with the highest average price per litre at N1,650.00, followed closely by Ogun at N1,609.52 and Benue at N1,594.44. Conversely, Kwara had the lowest recorded price at N917.14, followed by Rivers and Nassarawa.