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Discovery star's 'unbelievable' ice-age finding makes gold look boring

Gold Rush season 14 kicked off last year and is airing into 2024. The hit Discovery Channel show had fans super excited to see Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets back on the mine. But, more than anything else, they were over the moon to see Rick Ness return to the show. As well as the oldies but goodies viewers already know, this year’s show also introduced a new mining family, The McCaughans.

As if one drama-filled family dynamic wasn’t enough on Gold Rush, the Discovery Channel show now welcomes The McCaughans who admit they don’t always get along well in business. When it comes to mining gold, everyone has to pull together and the new family is set to get running their own operation on Eureka Creek.

Credit: Screenshot from Gold Rush X (Twitter) page @Gold_Rush

Meet The McCaughans from Gold Rush

While many are pleased to see Rick back on Gold Rush after he “hit rock bottom,” fans are also keen to see some “fresh blood” join the cast this year.

The McCaughans are a mining family of four who are running the mine on Eureka Creek.

The “tough” operation is run by Brian, his wife, Sharon, and their two sons, Gage, 22, and Bryce, 23, McCaughan.

The family may be new to the Discovery show, but they’re experienced in the field already. The McCaughans’ team, Treadstone Gold, made an extraordinary discovery in 2022 finding a “mummified baby mammoth” in the Yukon.

The family reported the find and “the Yukon government said the animal was found in the Tr’ondek Hwech’in traditional territory and is the most complete and best-preserved mammoth found in North America,” writes The Canadian Press.

Brian shared the baby mammoth discovery on his Instagram page at @treadstonegold.

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McCaughans moved to Yukon years ago

In 2015, Sharon, Bryce, and Gage joined Brian in his search for gold in the Yukon.

Brian grew up on a family farm and compares his work on the mine to his farming days.

However, he adds: “This is not for the faint of heart.”

His oldest son, Bryce, explains how he’s been mining since he was 14. With nine years of experience under his belt, the 23-year-old reveals he left high school and went straight into the world of gold mining.

Gold Rush couple to bring ‘drama’

The McCaughans’ mom, Sharon, is in charge of processing the family’s gold.

She explains how she and Brian have been married since 1992, and “ran every kind of business possible.”

Sharon adds: “Brian was a race car driver, we started gold mining in 2012 because the economy “went to sh**.”

Family drama is often seen playing out on Gold Rush with the Beets family recently seeing Kevin step away.

Romance rumors aren’t uncommon on the Discovery show, either, with Rick forced to speak out over gossip concerning his new co-star this season.

Sharon explains how she and her husband often don’t see eye to eye. The newbie says they’re “total opposites” adding: “Anyone who has worked for us knows the drama between Sharon and Brian.”


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