Coach sacked for misconduct after boxer’s defeat

Yucateco Boxing League disciplinary committee has terminated the appointment of Conkal Boxing club coach, Ologundudu Adeniji, for his alleged misconduct during the week nine of the YBL competition in Osogbo, Osun State.

According to the letter dated January 5, 2024 and signed by the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Ezekiel Rotimi, Adeniji disrupted the event and made “use of threatening language towards judges and the referee.”

The letter read in part, “Coach Adeniji apparent disregard for the principles of fair play and sportsmanship during the event, coupled with the inappropriate language and threats directed at the officials, go against the values upheld by the Yucateco Boxing League. Such behaviour not only tarnishes the reputation of Conkal Boxing Club, but also undermines the integrity of the entire league.

“In light of the aforementioned offences, the committee has unanimously decided to relieve coach Ologundudu Adeniji of his duties as the coach of Conkal Boxing Club with immediate effect. Coach Adeniji’s action have left us with no choice but to enforce this disciplinary action. We trust that coach Adeniji will reflect on his conduct and consider the impact it has on both his personal reputation and the reputation of the boxing community at large.”

The Technical Director, YBL, Babatunde Laguda told our correspondent, “The coach, Ologundudu, misbehaved during the last match in Osogbo. when his boxer, his son, lost his fight.”

However, Adeniji told The PUNCH that the boxer in question was not his son but felt he needed to speak up for his boxer.

“I don’t know what they mean by terminating my contract, let them do whatever they like,” he said.

“All our boxers are also our sons, and in the process of training them, we protect them and guide them. They gave my boxer’s fight to another person and that is what happened. I could not sit there and let that just happen, so, I spoke up.”

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