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Chloe Ferry's new boyfriend 'doesn't understand' why she reunited with Geordie Shore ex

EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Ferry’s new boyfriend Johnny “doesn’t understand” why she met her ex, Sam, on the new Geordie Shore season. She plans to bring him on the next season as they “try to work on their relationship,” telling Reality Titbit her man is starting to get used to her being in the public eye.

Chloe Ferry was previously in a relationship with co-star Sam Gowland, which didn’t work out. They reunite on the new season of Geordie Shore – but Chloe warns their interaction gets heated. Now, the Paramount Plus star has moved on and is enjoying being loved-up with her boyfriend, Johnny.

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Chloe Ferry’s new boyfriend

Chloe Ferry’s new boyfriend is Johnny Wilbo, who she had previously split from in September 2023. They have had an on-off relationship over the past few years, and this is the fourth time they’ve got together.

He is a Manchester-based 25 year old who had previously paid for a large tattoo of the Geordie Shore star’s name on his neck. Chloe told us: “We’ve had our ups and downs but we’re trying to work on things.”

She added: “I’m sick of seeing so much abuse about it in the papers. To clarify, Johnny is obsessed with us and loves us so much. It’s hard when you get with someone in the public eye, so he does struggle.”

Sam and Chloe reunite on Geordie Shore

Sam and Chloe reunite during the new Geordie Shore season on MTV. She said they are on “good terms even though it did get very heated,” adding Johnny doesn’t understand why she met Sam.

She said in an interview: “Me and Sam have got nothing going on, the past is the past. In a normal life, you wouldn’t meet your ex. Johnny doesn’t understand why I’d meet my ex.”

The Geordie Shore couple split in 2020 after three years of dating. After they called it quits again, Sam sold his house in North Tyneside and is now back living in his native Teesside.

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She plans to bring Johnny on MTV show

Chloe told Reality Titbit she “plans to bring Johnny on if there’s another series” as they have spoke about him being on TV. She said, “My job is TV, he’s starting to accept it so I’ll bring him on.”

Ferry has been dating Johnny since October 2021. She keeps him off her social media but was recently spotted enjoying a loved-up romantic getaway in Thailand with him.

She confirmed Johnny won’t be starring on the current series. Talking of the show, Chloe said: “There’s no awkwardness, we’ve all got different friendships, but we’ve all been through an amazing experience.”

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