Biz Box can reduce unemployment challenges

Due to the high un­employment rate in the country, especially among the youth, any move to reduce it, however the magni­tude, is commendable.

This is why we commend the government for the launch of the project dubbed the Business in a Box (Biz Box) meant to provide employment for some 250,000 youth.

It is critical to learn that the project focuses on sectors such as agriculture, agribusiness, tourism, creative industry, build­ing and construction.

It is common knowledge that the afore-mentioned sectors are pivots of the country’s econ­omy and so any initiatives in them give them new life.

This then gives the hope that future generations of this coun­try stand to gain from these sectors.

However, our concern is much more on the beneficia­ries of the $55 million project to be implemented across the country – the youth and certain vulnerable groups like Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and vulnerable females.

It is also a delight to hear that majority women-owned businesses and female youth-led businesses are going to be prioritised.

It is our prayer that the Biz Box would succeed and be a catalyst for more of such projects to particularly provide employment for the youth and vulnerable groups.

This is important because unemployment among these groups has dire implications for the individuals and the country in various ways.

The PWDs, for instance, are seen by even families as a bur­den and so in some cases, they are neglected and life becomes so miserable for them.

The Biz Box, therefore, can bring some happiness into the lives of these people.

With regard to the youth in general, the case is not palatable at all.

Without doubt, the youth will like to raise their own families and also take up the mantle of leadership in the near future.

These can only be easy for youth who are prepared in knowledge, skills and substance.

Generally, youth unemploy­ment is a security threat to the country.

The government, therefore, has to make every effort to solve youth unemployment to stem all its challenges.

This is critical because even if the youth have all the knowl­edge and skills but have no sources of income, they would lack the emotional and mental stability to do anything mean­ingful for themselves and the society.

The Biz Box is, thus, one important initiative to prepare the youth for that economic sta­bility that can be a springboard for them to explore and venture into dream areas.

The aspect of the project to offer 125,000 of the beneficia­ries with start-up kits, provide market access support to 50,000 businesses, and give regulatory support to 40,000 businesses must be hailed.

We only want to appeal that such support must not be dis­criminatory but meritorious so that at the end of the day, com­petent hands can leverage it to add more value to the initiative.

As envisaged by the gov­ernment, we expect that the Biz Box would help prepare a group of youth able to initiate, develop, own, and grow suc­cessful businesses, and acquit themselves as a generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders, who in future can help others turn their dreams into remarkable achievements

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