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Trevor Noah and Tyla bond over their love for roller-coasters in an intimate interview

Trevor and Tyla

From Joburg’s Gold Reef City to Los Angeles’ Six Flags Magic Mountain, South African expats Trevor Noah and Tyla have bonded over their liking for roller coasters in an intimate interview.

“Literally everywhere I go, I ask, ‘Is there a theme park here?’ A lot of times, I don’t have the time, but I went to Six Flags in L.A. As soon as I went on that first ride, I was like, ‘What the heck?’ Because I’m only used to Gold Reef City,” said Tyla responding to the comedian, after he asked about things Tyla does for fun while on tour.

Tyla is the South African singer who has experienced a global breakthrough year in her career through her hit-single, Water that has broken into the Billboard charts and dominated TikTok, with its #WaterChallenge.

“The Water dance is actually Bacardi, the dance style in Pretoria. I asked my choreographer to teach it to me and it literally went crazy. And I love that a South African dance style is trending,” said Tyla.

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The two South Africans reflected on Tyla’s new-found success and fame in a chat with US publication, Interview Magazine.

“Since Gold Reef City opened, we’ve had the same five rides. No updates. So Six Flags was the best thing ever. I’m a roller-coaster connoisseur now,” said Tyla, whose full name is Tyla Laura Seethal.

“There’s a crazy Six Flags that you should try in New Jersey if you’re going to be in New York for a while,” suggests Trevor.

“The weather might be good enough for you to do it before you leave. And Colorado has one of the wildest I’ve ever been to.”

Trevor shared that he tries to ride a roller-coaster in each country he visits. “I hit roller-coasters everywhere in the world. Sweden has a really crazy one, but someone died there recently, which made it very awkward. The roller-coaster got stuck and then people were falling off of it,” said the comic who admitted to still riding the controversial roller-coaster.

“Here’s the thing. If something goes wrong, it makes me want to ride on the roller-coaster even more, because I feel like now it’s a real ride.”

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A pop-star

Very few people would comprehend the complexities of being a globally recognised South African and the interview between the two was aptly set-up for the 21 year-old to open up to someone who has a better understanding of her upbringing.

Tyla shared that her grandmother was a singer and that the entertainment bug was through her. “She used to enter competitions to get money for the family. She was young, going on buses to go to shows, winning money and cigarettes, just killing it,” said Tyla about her granny.

She recently debuted her new single On and On, on German platform COLORS and released an EP that includes her hit, Water. In the interview Tyla expressed her ambitions of solidifying her place on a global stage.

“I want to be the biggest pop star of my generation. That’s always been the goal, and it still is. And I really want to work with Drake. I’m going to say that in every single interview until he makes it happen.”

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