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PODCAST: How to prevent Januworry this December

Moola Matters with Ina

Consumers can prevent January turning into Januworry this December if they watch their spending and if they spend their money the right way. This is especially important seeing that some people will get bonuses in the next week.

South Africans are coming out of a year of tight economic circumstances where they had very little to splurge with and always had to keep a tight rein on their finances. There is also not a lot of hope that the economy and consumer finances will improve next year or even the year after.

In addition, January comes with its own set of challenges: it feels like it has eight weeks after most people got their salaries for December on 15 December, you have to buy school uniforms and school supplies, you have to pay school fees – the list goes on.

Therefore, if you let the Christmas music in the shops lure you into splurging on gifts and luxuries, January will turn into Januworry and it is never a good idea to kick of the year like that.

Listen to René Basson, head of brand at Satrix, explain how you can turn silly into savvy this festive season.

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