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Jason Momoa Says Future of ‘Aquaman’ Films Is “Not Looking Too Good” – The Hollywood Reporter

Jason Momoa may love playing Aquaman, but he is unsure about the future of the DC superhero franchise.

The actor recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about his concerns regarding future installments while promoting Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which arrives in theaters Dec. 22.

Addressing reports that the latest movie could be his last time playing the legendary King of Atlantis, Momoa admitted, “I don’t necessarily want it to be the end… [but] I don’t think it’s really, like, a choice.”

The actor has been open about his appreciation for getting to play Aquaman, especially because he loves the ocean and also wanted to be a marine biologist growing up. But he understands that James Gunn and Peter Safran, who were recently tapped to lead DC Studios, have their own vision for the future of the DC cinematic universe and want “to start their own new thing up.”

“The truth of it is, I mean, if the audience loves it, then there’s a possibility,” Momoa said of the possibility to play Aquaman again. “But right now, I’m like, ‘It’s not looking too good.’”

The actor added, “I love this character and [I would want to] play it for a long time. I kind of see where I would want it to go. And even in the next 10 years or so, like there’s a lot of cool things they can do. And I do enjoy the role and the world. So, I mean, it just comes down to if people love it.”

Momoa first appeared as Aquaman in 2017’s Justice League before leading his own movie the following year.

Though Aquaman isn’t currently in Gunn and Safran’s DC slate that they unveiled earlier this year, the actor hopes to remain in the superhero universe, even if it’s as a different comic book character.

“If there’s a place in their world for me, I would love to be a part of it,” Momoa said. “This is my home. Warner and DC is definitely my home. So, that’s all I’ll say.”