How Lagos General Hospital forces patients to buy food

How Lagos General Hospital forces patients to buy food Published By: Paul Dada

 By Paul Dada

The General Hospital, Orile-Agege in Lagos, has been accused of imposing food prepared in its kitchen on patients admitted to its wards.

P.M. News visited one of its wards on Sunday and Monday, and can confirm that the allegation is true.

On Sunday, P.M. News observed that the patients were being served eba and egusi soup in one of the female wards.

A patient who was still recuperating from surgery in one of the wards and had yet to start eating told P.M.News : “Yes, they impose food on us. And they tell us that whether we eat the food or not, we will pay for it”.

A visitor to the patient was the one that had to eat the food since the patient’s system could not take it yet. He told P.M. News that the oddity in the General Hospital is not just the food imposed on patients but also the bad condition of the general toilets.

P.M. News visited the place again on Monday and was told that pap was forced on the patients for breakfast.

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Some of the workers confirmed that it is hospital policy for patients to pay for the food whether they want it or not.

A health worker who identified herself as Olubunmi Agbaje said, “they have to pay for the food whether want it or not. It is hospital policy”.

Another one who identified herself as Adetoun, “Yes, they have to eat the food. But I cannot the food”. She however, offered to sell tea to our correspondent. “If you want tea, just ask for Adetoun”.

P.M. News contacted the Director of Press and Public Affairs in the Lagos State Ministry of Health, Tubosun Ogunbanwo for reaction to the development. He asked that our question be sent to him via text. But as of the time this report was being filed, he had not responded to the message sent to him via WhatsApp even after his attention was called to it.




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