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Charles Melton On ‘May December’ Golden Globe Nomination, Finding The Humanity In His Character And Gratitude

In response to his Golden Globe nomination Monday for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture for May December, Charles Melton starts the conversation with gratitude towards his mother, Sukyong Melton, who he recently deemed his hero in a heartfelt speech while being honored at the Critics Choice Celebration of Black, Latino & AAPI Achievements last week. Though he admits to sleeping through the ceremony and being informed by his team about the nomination, he made sure to call her as soon as he found out. “She was so proud, and I am so happy.” Melton said. 

Primarily known as a TV star from his six-year stint as Reggie Mantle on the teen melodrama Riverdale, Melton has commandeered his first feature film breakout role in May December, holding his own against the likes of seasoned actors, his co-stars, Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman. In the film, adapted loosely from the real-life story of Mary Kay Letourneau, Melton plays Joe, the conflicted young husband of Moore’s Gracie, who enticed him into a romantic relationship when he was 13 years old and had two children together not long after. 

Since the film’s November release on Netflix, the online conversation regarding his nuanced performance as a young adult man grappling with the consequences of having his virtue stolen from him so early, alongside dealing with the societal stigma and pressures of maintaining such a taboo relationship has not scared off Melton in the slightest. 

      “I think it’s the humanity [in Joe] that everyone is responding to. I just think about my mom and my dad and their response to watching the film for the first time,” Melton reflected. “They felt so sad for Joe, and they were so moved by May December and the storytelling. That really meant a lot to me. When it comes down to storytelling as an actor, your complete trust was in Todd [Haynes] and Samy [Burch]’s fictional script and just how layered it was and the beautiful kind of roadmap it laid out for my exploration of Joe and his discovery throughout the film.” 
In light of Moore, Portman, and himself getting nominated this morning at the Golden Globes, Melton was all smiles and gratitude. “Filming May December those 23 days in Georgia was my greatest experience in my profession as an actor, and there’s been so many things that have led up to that,” Melton said. “I’m so grateful and trying to stay as grounded as possible and take things one day at a time. I love Julie, I love Natalie, I love Todd and Sammy. I love everybody that had a part in making this little movie

The 81st Golden Globe Awards are set to take place at the Beverly Hilton on January 7.