A first-time author lost a book deal after she was accused of trying to sabotage reviews of other authors

A first-time author has been dropped by her U.S. publisher and her agent after readers and fellow authors accused her of posting fake negative reviews to a popular book recommendation website.

Many within the book community last week appeared to publicly turn against Cait Corrain, the author of the coming sci-fi fantasy novel “Crown of Starlight,” after allegations surfaced that she made fake accounts on the Amazon-owned book review platform Goodreads to post negative user reviews online about fellow authors — a practice known as review-bombing.

Del Rey Books, owned by Penguin Random House, said Monday on X that it was “aware of the ongoing discussion” around Corrain, who goes by she/they pronouns, and that her book, originally scheduled for publication on May 14, is no longer on its 2024 publishing schedule.

Corrain’s book agent, Rebecca Podos, also said she has cut ties with Corrain.