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90 Day Fiance star is jack of all trades compared to his wealthy fiancee

Robert ‘Rob’ Warne from 90 Day Fiance has multiple jobs as he earns a living alongside his wealthy fiancee, Sophie Sierra. The two often clash on the TLC show, but he describes himself as a “jack of all trades” as the Los Angeles-based cast member navigates a relationship with a Londoner.

Although there’s a divide between their financial wealth, 90 Day Fiance couple Rob and Sophie both stay busy when it comes to their jobs. While TLC‘s Sophie is a content creator and model whose wealth is thanks to her grandfather, her fiancé Rob juggles multiple careers, including acting and modelling.

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Rob on 90 Day Fiance’s job

90 Day Fiance star Robert’s job is at Cap’s Service and Repair in Austin, Texas, alongside his acting and modelling career. When Rob introduced himself on 90 Day Fiancé, he said he was a “jack of all trades”.

He proudly mentioned one of his jobs is as a model. Add to that a reality TV star and Rob really is a man of many talents! Rob is now living in his own apartment in Los Angeles.

Rob’s financial situation was difficult, but he brought Sophie Sierra to America on a K-1 visa and tried to support her through odd jobs. He was previously on the reality TV show Love Connection in 2018.

He starred in a 2022 movie

Rob Warne on 90 Day Fiance was once in the Zombie short, Virus, in 2022. Sophie once said Rob “does little odd jobs here and there” for work but added she doesn’t like how his jobs are not steady.

He took to his Instagram Stories in early October 2023 to defend himself. He insisted he works three other part-time jobs in addition to modeling and said that he’s an “actor, model and dancer.”

Rob also owns several YouTube channels. He has explained how he did have “trouble finding another solid full-time job during covid” regarding the “odd jobs” comment.

90 Day Fiance fans have started calling him ‘No Job Rob’ on social media after he and Sophie argued over having to buy a new duvet. He also revealed he had been living in a shed with no bathroom.

Rob’s apartment didn’t impress Sophie

Rob lives in Los Angeles, while Sophie is a London native who was raised in Spain. Rob lives in a studio apartment and Sophie has been vocal about not being a fan of the home.

He accused her of having “spoiled rich girl tendencies” on the TLC series. Rob often had women reaching out to him on Instagram because of his modelling career. “Usually I would just ignore them,” he said.

However, he thought Sophie was beautiful and they started talking via FaceTime. Rob was very clear that Sophie’s looks were what attracted him to her. “Sophie is the hottest person I’ve been with,” he revealed.

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