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'Master manipulator' Netflix star 'allergic' to fakery is branded 'rude' by co-star

Squid Game: The Challenge sees 456 people competing for millions of dollars. One player who is keen to bag the prize fund is Lorenzo Nobilio. He’s unafraid to make enemies on the reality series and says that there are “snakes” in the competition.

The Netflix show sees cracks beginning to form when the contestants get hungry in episode 1. Lorenzo rubs some of his fellow players up the wrong way when he’s seen lining up for food more than once. He’s hoping for Italian delicacies but rice and egg appear to suffice for him – potentially because he had a double helping.

Lorenzo stands facing forward in green tracksuit for Squid Game The Challenge promo shot
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Meet Lorenzo from Squid Game

Squid Game: The Challenge contestant Lorenzo is a 26-year-old Asset Manager who hails from the UK and has roots in Italy.

He describes himself, per Netflix’s Tudum, as being a “master manipulator” and has his eyes firmly on the millions of dollars up for grabs on the show.

Lorenzo is Player 161 in the game and explains in episode 1 that he works in private equity.

Squid Game star follows his passions

Speaking in a confessional on Squid Game: The Challenge, Lorenzo explains that he’s experienced some changes when it comes to his career path.

He went into private equity thinking that it would be for him, but has now opted for a more creative job.

He said: “After the pandemic, the dream is completely shattered.”

Now, he explains that he’s “attracted to creative stuff,” and “doesn’t believe in the values of the corporate world.”

Lorenzo believes in breaking free from the rules and doing what you want.

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Lorenzo isn’t here to make friends

Staying true to himself, Lorenzo makes it clear that he hasn’t joined Squid Game: The Challenge to make friends.

Player 302, Leann, says she feels Lorenzo is “impolite,” and “possibly rude” in episode 4 when he refuses sliced apples from her.

The reality star expresses that he doesn’t care to make friends and hates people pleasers.

Lorenzo writes in his Instagram that he has a “PhD in Not Minding my Business.”

He has over 4k followers and can be found @only.lorenzo.


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