Do young ladies realise this?

c chukwuneta oby

The biggest comfort you can give to yourself when travelling, apart from a comfortable mode of transportation, is in your dressing.

It was a perplexed me that was asking (myself) “why do they do this to themselves?” on coming across a few young ladies, who were being tortured by what they wore at the airport.

One didn’t drop her hand from her chest area all through the time my attention was on her.

The other hand was also kept busy…pulling down a tube dress that was barely past her buttocks.

The second lady that caught my attention had the whole of her tummy – from below the boobs – bare.

One of her hands was kept busy…pulling up the pants and pulling the blouse lower while the other hand clutched tightly to her phone and ear pods.

The third lady had a very short dress that also kept her hands busy.

All three ladies were random airport sightings!

What also caught my attention was the facial expression of some adults when each of these ladies walked by.

I chuckled when it dawned on me that a lot of young people can’t even tell what a look is saying these days.

In our days, looks were the major ways our parents communicated to us when third parties were around.

There were looks of…

Good job.

Get away from here.

Don’t do that/Stop that.

I will deal with you.

You are in trouble.

What nonsense/How dare you…etc.

Nowadays, we are ascribing a lot of the output of irresponsible parenting and wrong peer influence to being “woke”.

Do young ladies of this age even realise that not every look is admiration?

Do they know there’s such a thing as a look of silent disgust? And that such looks are actually coming from disbelief-cum-disappointment and not envy?

I am a believer in body positivity but there’s nothing positive about the failure to dress your body appropriately, especially as settings demand.

When you are truly proud of your body, you protect it, especially from eyes that are not meant to see more than they should.

Some of us do SEXY more than you can imagine but it is wisdom to recognise that there’s an appropriateness to everything.

Anything less emits a TACKY vibe about you, and puts a huge question mark on both your upbringing and character.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘woke-ness’ flying around.

Most people will still try to sum up who you are by how you are dressed.

I tell young people, especially ladies, to stop following social media influencers blindly.

A lot of them are “influencing” from an unwholesome phase of their lives.

The last time I read the interview of one that was promoting semi-nudity in the name of body positivity, she said she had repented because she had a daughter now and would want to begin to set good examples for her. She is still championing the body positivity cause but differently now.

She also acknowledged being driven into the extremes she embraced in the past by emotional issues.

This is what I am saying; mind what you let anybody influence you into.

A lot of them are NOT influencing from a good (emotional) place and the one following is often the bigger casualty, when the chickens come home to roost.

By the way,

Experts may need to wade in with more professional advice on how young ladies can achieve boobs that are still standing until age, pregnancy and babies happen, because a lot of our young girls are IN YOUR FACE with saggy boobs these days and I don’t know what else is to be blamed, apart from nature.

I am also at a loss as to how a sane person would think publicly baring saggy boobs is sexier than packing them in a well-fitting brassiere.