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‘You’re constantly thinking you’re going to live forever’: Chris Hemsworth talks about potential risk of Alzheimer’s and changes in lifestyle

Ever since Chris Hemsworth found out that he’s at quite a very high risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in the future, the actor has been actively making changes in his lifestyle to avoid it. Last year, when he was filming for his National Geographic docuseries Limitless with Chris Hemsworth he found out that due to the gene APOE e4, he has an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease down the line. This changed the way he viewed things in life.

The Marvel actor has since made many changes in his routine, lifestyle, and fitness habits. He also has a changed perspective on life. “You’re constantly thinking you’re going to live forever, especially as a young individual. Then to be told that this might be the thing that might take you out was like, whoa—it kinda floored me,” he said on his docuseries. Here’s what the 40-year-old revealed about his changed schedule and preferences.

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Chris Hemsworth talks about potential risk of Alzheimer’s

During a conversation with Men’s Health, the Thor star said, “It was a good kick in the arse and a reminder to do whatever is in my power to give myself the best fighting chance.” He explained that whatever work he has been doing for his brain health also benefits the rest of his body which is why it’s a massively positive thing. The Australian said that he is including solitude and stillness in his life. He further explained what methods he has incorporated.

The founder of Centr disclosed that he is indulging in a lot of meditation, surfing, breath work, sauna time, and ice bath routines. His focus is on being fully present so he can force himself out of his head and into his body. In an Instagram post from August this year, Hemsworth shared a video of himself having an ice bath. He wrote, “No better way to finish a workout. Combining a sauna with an ice bath is an effective way to improve circulation.”

Chris Hemsworth divulges on changes in lifestyle

He further revealed that it improves blood flow and reduces inflammation. Meanwhile, the Extraction actor is also ensuring he gets a proper and consistent sleep. He stops any screen time an hour before bed and reads most nights before sleeping. He is also focusing on his mental health awareness by focusing on not being attached to every thought and being the observer of the noise whenever possible. The goal is to step back from the internal chatter.

He concluded the conversation by stating that the potential risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s has made him think about his kids and how they’re growing up and he wants to just sit and soak it in. “I don’t want to be in a sprint anymore. I want to be right here and appreciate everything that’s in front of me,” he signed off.  While Extraction 2 was released on June 16, 2023, a third film in the franchise is currently in development.

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