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Tom Sandoval is done apologizing for Scandoval because 'people will never be ready to listen'

Tom Sandoval has elaborated further on his experiences since Scandoval broke the internet and it seems he’s done with apologizing.

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another episode of the podcast no one expected: Tom Sandoval‘s Everybody Loves Tom. The ironically-named show has dropped its second episode, welcoming Bravo superfan Jerry O’Connell to ask the tough questions.

The TV host made it clear that he was Team Ariana Madix from the start with his slogan T-shirt, meaning Tom was facing the heat.

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Tom Sandoval says the world ‘isn’t ready’ for his side of Scandoval story

We’ve seen Sandoval apologize to publically apologize to Ariana on his Instagram, but that hasn’t been enough for fans. It’s been seven months since the affair shook the Bravo world but the Vanderpump Rules star is still being bombarded by brutal social media comments.

Well, we may never see Tom issue another apology again as he claims the internet will never be ready to hear his opinion.

Jerry insisted that the hate has continued as fans are still waiting to see his remorse. “We’re not hearing accountability,” the guest said.

The Bravo star agreed he “screwed up” the situation and apologized, before adding that his sincere statements always become twisted. “[If] I cry, it’s ‘crocodile tears,’” he said. “[If] I don’t, ‘I’m not showing any emotion’. If I’m on my knees, I’m overdoing it.

The singer continued: I’ve said it so many times. I’ve been accused of faking it. It’s like, people aren’t ready to hear it, they might not ever be ready to hear it.”

Tom compares backlash to Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy drama

In the Vanderpump Rules season 10 trailer, it was revealed that James Kennedy hooked up with Lala Kent during his relationship with former fiancee Raquel Leviss.

Leviss and Kennedy dated for five years until December 2021 and their bombshell news wasn’t nearly as jaw-dropping as Ariana and Tom’s, likely because fans were invested for nearly one decade.

Speaking about the fan backlash to his circumstances, Tom compared it to his Pump Rules co-stars’ case, claiming that he “doesn’t understand” why he needs to continue apologizing to fans as it was Ariana he hurt.

“Honestly, what did I do to them exactly?” he told his podcast guests. “Besides let them down a little bit. James Kennedy cheated on Raquel three times which we know about. I, for not a second, expected him to apologize to me.

If James were to apologize to me, I would’ve been like, ‘Why are you apologizing to me for? You didn’t do anything to me. You hurt Raquel, handle your business.”

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