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Survivor star makes comeback after being forced to quit over serious injury

Bruce from Survivor 44 is a fresh face for the show’s fans. He is now on 2023’s new season of Survivor, but many don’t recognize him after he was pulled from last season. So, who is Bruce on Survivor 44?

The grueling competition is officially getting underway. Survivor sees Bruce Perreault take on his fellow contestants after sustaining a concussion during the opening Reward Challenge of Survivor 44. Find out what happened to CBS star Bruce following his injury and where he is now.

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Who is Bruce on Survivor 2023?

Bruce Perreault is a Survivor 44 star who had to leave during the first challenge. Now, he joins Survivor 2023 as a contestant, alongside his job as a real estate agent.

The 46-year-old from Warwick enjoys golf and boxing in his spare time. He is currently raising two “awesome kids with my amazing wife” and grew up with a white family who adopted him.

Ahead of his initial Survivor 44 fame, Bruce said “turning into the husband and father that I am today after being abandoned as a child” is the life experience that prepared him for the game.

He was pulled for serious injury

Assigned to the Tika tribe on Survivor 44, Bruce hit his head against an obstacle and started to bleed profusely minutes into the first Reward Challenge. He felt lightheaded from the injury.

The medical team was able to treat him with oxygen, clearing him to return to camp with his tribe. Later that night however, Bruce’s concussive symptoms returned and medical was called once again.

They ultimately made the decision to pull Bruce from the game, much to his disappointment. During the premiere episode of On Fire with Jeff Probst, Jeff formally invited Bruce to return for Survivor 2023.

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Photo by Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Inside Survivor 44 star’s career

Bruce is a former US Navy Veteran who now works as a real estate agent. He previously worked as an insurance agent when he first joined the CBS show, Survivor 44.

He now works for Williams and Stuart Real Estate and has set up his own Instagram page, where he “helps buyers buy” and “helps sellers sell” properties in Rhode Island.

The Survivor star has worked as a self-employed realtor at the firm since February 2021. While he is dedicated to his job, Bruce puts his wife and two children first.

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