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Southern Charm's Taylor broke sacred rule but Olivia is there during hard times

Southern Charm fans have Qs about Taylor and Olivia’s friendship. It comes after the whole Austen and Taylor debacle. Did Austen sleep with Taylor and are Southern Charm’s Taylor and Olivia still friends?

The Bravo series is heating up as Taylor and Olivia’s friendship becomes tense. Following Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers’ former relationship, Taylor Ann Green now faces debunked rumors that she slept with him. We can reveal where Taylor, Austen, and Olivia stand now following the major Southern Charm drama.

Southern Charm: Are Taylor and Olivia still friends?

Yes, but Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers is not sure if she and Taylor will “ever” still be friends in the same way as before in a People interview. She couldn’t believe her co-star hooked up with her ex, Austen Kroll.

It comes after Taylor suggested to Austen that they could try dating. As a result, Olivia and Taylor haven’t been able to fully repair their friendship since Taylor hooked up with Austen.

“We’re not in the place we were this time last year,” Olivia said. “I don’t know if we’ll ever get back to that place.” Although there’s a “lot more distance,” Olivia reached out when Taylor went through a recent loss.

Did Austen sleep with Taylor?

Austen and Taylor did hook up physically, but never confirmed sleeping together. When Olivia learned that her friend Taylor did get physical with Austen, she says she found herself in “hard disbelief.”

However, it was only previously discussed that Taylor had suggested they go on a date. Taylor had sworn on her life that nothing was going on between them when Olivia brought it up to her.

She confessed that, after New York, when they were both “not in good places,” they created a “bond” that led to them being “pushed together because of their situations.”

Southern Charm drama erupts on-screen

Taylor revealed to People: “I take full blame for everything that transpired and how I handled the situation and the things I said and how I acted. That was really tough.”

She added: “I think that there’s a lot of forgiveness that can be had. That’s a big thing this year — there’s a lot of forgiveness and tough love.” Her ex, Shep Rose, blames Austen for the incident.

Shep, meanwhile, pins the blame for the women’s friendship faltering squarely on Austen. “It came out, and it was a tough pill to swallow,” he told People. He said “Austen should have known better.”

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