My friend’s boyfriend asked me to intercede for him not knowing she’s already married – Lady cries out

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A lady has narrated how her friend’s boyfriend approached her to intercede on his behalf not knowing that she already got married to someone else.

This situation arose shortly after she attended her friend’s wedding, leaving her in a dilemma of how to explain the circumstances to him.

In her words; “My friend’s boyfriend is asking me to talk to my friend because she’s acting up, but i already danced at her wedding today,how do I explain to him now.”

In response to the unfolding story, netizens flooded the comment section with expressions of disappointment and sadness.

Many found it disheartening that someone would betray their partner in such a manner.

@oluwademilade_xx said: “If a man did this, we all would be here saying a lot of things Well, it’s well!!”

@veevogee said: “If she can do this to him then she can do worse in marriage.”

@kwneen_rina reacted: “It’s all fun and games until your own serious of’s besties dance at his wedding while you are in the dark! Fr y’all need to stop hurting people .. if you can’t marry them then break up and be enough your choice! When karma shows up una go Dev ask ‘who una offend’”

@msquaredizz_ reacted: “It’s really sad that we’ve gotten to the point where hurting others unjustly is a thing of fun and laughters. There’re barely any genuine relationships out there these days.”

@cynderline said: “Similar thing happened when we left uni. A friend’s boyfriend suddenly returned to make peace not knowing that his girlfriend dey prepare documents to go meet her husband in USA. She didn’t date the subject husband, his sister saw her liked referred her to her brother and her brother returned home for wedding sharply.”

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