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Love Is Blind's Izzy spotted with mystery lady despite tying knot with Stacy

Izzy from Love is Blind was seen with a mystery lady after his season 5 romance with Stacy. He was spotted with an unknown woman. So, do Izzy and Stacy get married?! Let’s take a look at Izzy’s Instagram…

Love is Blind comes with a whole lot of mystery, from dating a stranger in the pods to proposing to someone you’ve never laid eyes on before. The Netflix show has become a popular hit in the dating scene. Izzy and Stacy were one of the couples to find love in the experiment – but how long did that love really last.

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Love is Blind’s Izzy with a mystery lady

Love is Blind season 5 star Izzy has been spotted with a mystery lady in California. TMZ reported that Izzy was with a woman at a tattoo shop on Monday, October 3 at Hermosa Beach. The woman also appears to have a lip piercing, which Stacy doesn’t.

It’s possible he was in California for the reunion since co-star Aaliyah Cosby also posted on her Instagram Story that she was in the area on the same day. Izzy and this woman were seemingly on a date.

Izzy reportedly had his hand on her leg. Just after the photo was leaked, Stacy wrote on her Instagram Story: “So glad we got to touch on the effects of divorce.” She later went for a “needed” glass of wine.

Do Izzy and Stacy get married?

Izzy and Stacy were one of two couples who were issued marriage licenses from Love Is Blind season 5. The records state they were married on May 20, 2023, while their license was processed on August 29.

However, their marriage license after Love is Blind season 5 was not returned, meaning they are not legally married yet. Izzy and Stacy were still following each other when the season 5 premiere aired.

They were one of three LIB season 5 couples who got engaged, alongside JP and Taylor and Lydia and Milton. Izzy’s requirement was that her partner be accepted by her family so he could join in on games.

Season 5 star Izzy’s Instagram

Love is Blind season 5 star Izzy’s Instagram includes hints on his relationship status. He recently wrote, “Always keep fighting” with a heart emoji in response to a clip of him and Stacy.

He also reposted Micah Lussier’s Instagram Story, who tagged him with the caption, “Core.” Fans may remember Micah from Love is Blind’s 2020 season, who split from co-star Paul Peden.

However, the Netflix star has totally confused fans by sharing a pic with Stacy’s dad. He said: “Just casually getting advice on where to buy the best plates from my future father-in-law. The legend, Mr. Snyder.”

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