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‘I care less, so it’s…’: Selena Gomez’s 30s focus is on ‘things that actually matter’

Selena Gomez, the versatile artist renowned for her top-charting songs and charitable efforts, is welcoming her thirties with a fresh sense of freedom. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the 31-year-old singer, who recently hosted the Rare Impact Fund Benefit at Nya Studios in Hollywood, shared that she has shed the burden of societal expectations as she begins her third decade of life.

Selena Gomez’s refreshing change of perspective 

As reported by PEOPLE, Selena Gomez’s journey into her 30s has brought a refreshing change of perspective. She shared, “Now that I’m 30, I care less, so it’s actually nice, I get to focus on the things that actually matter and I’m not worried about things that were holding me back.” 

According to recent reports, the founder of Rare Beauty recently organized the Rare Impact Fund Benefit at Nya Studios in Hollywood. This event was specifically aimed at raising funds for mental health support in young individuals, a cause that holds significant personal meaning for her. During an interview with PEOPLE, when asked if she envisions the Rare Impact Fund becoming her lasting legacy, Gomez shared, “I really hope so. I’m kind of nervous.” 

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Selena Gomez’s speech during the Rare Impact Fund Benefit at Nya Studios

As reported by PEOPLE, during her emotional speech at the benefit, the Calm Down singer opened up about her own struggles with mental health, a topic she has become increasingly vocal about. She revealed her diagnosis of bipolar disorder in 2020 and the profound effect it had on her life saying, “I struggled with the world inside my head for a long time and I felt lost and I felt hopeless at times, and in 2020, I received my diagnosis of bipolar disorder. And to be honest, everything quickly changed.”

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As the Who Says singer went on she revealed that the motivation for founding the Rare Impact Fund is deeply personal. She cited her 10-year-old sister, Gracie, as the inspiration behind this initiative. In her speech, she touched the hearts of many by saying, “I know we all have Gracie’s in our lives who make us want to be better and do better, who can motivate us and connect us and make a difference,” and by saying this she concluded her heartfelt speech.

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