Having sexy body doesn’t guarantee success in Nollywood – Caroline Igben

fa caroline igben

An actress, Caroline Igben, has said while having a sexy body could get one noticed in the movie industry, it was not a guarantee for success. She told , “For those who have it, it will make them noticeable. I don’t think it is a recipe for success (in the industry), because if the person is put out there and the person is empty, it is going to show.

“If the person has just talent, the body will just be there. Whenever the body is needed, the person will be called. I feel the body brings visibility but the person just needs to have something to show outside that.”

Igben also stated that she could not split bills with her partner. She said, “Every guy is looking for a woman that can provide now. We are in a different time. I am not into 50:50 sharing of bills but I can support, considering the other things I have to offer in a relationship (marriage), including running the home. However, doing 50:50 could change in the future, depending on my finances.”

The actress, who once said that acting was not financially rewarding for her, spoke on if there had been any changes since she made that statement. She said, “I am using acting to survive. However, I feel the industry is different financially now from what obtained in the past. More money is being made now. I don’t think it is going to be like it was in the past when (some) veterans had fame but no money. If one is not living too lavishly, acting can sustain one.”

Speaking on if she had ever been in any vulnerable situation as an actress, she said, “I have been fortunate not to be in a position where I had to exchange sex for a role, but that does not mean men will not be attracted to a woman. If one likes someone, it does not mean one cannot say it, but it should be done appropriately. I feel work should be work, and if it is consensual, it is up to both parties.”