Everything you need to know about the draw for the Champions League 2023-2024

A new edition of the UEFA Champions League is set to kick off the 2023-2024 soccer season. The most powerful teams of the respective European leagues met their opponents on August 31 in Nyon, where the draw for the group stage of the world’s biggest club competition occurred.

First of all, the teams have been divided by drums, according to their UEFA coefficient. From there, the first balls to be drawn were those in Pot 1, i.e., the seeded teams. These eight teams are as follows: Manchester City (winner of the previous edition of the Champions League), Sevilla FC, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich (Germany), Paris Saint-Germain (France), Benfica (Portugal), Napoli (Italy) and Feyenoord (Netherlands). All of the above teams are champions of their respective national leagues (and possible stars in the UEFA Champions League final), except for Sevilla FC, which won its seventh Europa League crown.

Once all the balls are drawn from Pot 1, the UEFA representatives and guests will start to remove the balls from Pot 2 and so on, successively, until the end of Pot 4. The draw for the group stage will place four teams in groups but with two conditions: the first is that teams from the same country cannot play each other and, secondly, that they cannot compete against opponents from the same pot, at least in the regular stage.