Altinvest expands investment portfolio, announces launch of Gold investment

In response to the growing demand for alternative investment assets and a diversified portfolio for investors, Nigeria’s first ethical investment platform, Altinvest, has announced the launch of precious metal Gold investment on its digital platform.

A digital investment product of The Alternative Bank, the non-interest arm of Sterling Financial Holding Company, Altinvest is known for offering its investors access to impact-focused investment opportunities, all of which are focused on wealth creation, capital appreciation, and supporting economic activities directed toward inclusion, growth, and development without compromising their ethics.

The new investment option is expected to be well-received by Altinvest app users as it avails them a convenient way to diversify their investment portfolio by subscribing to this precious metal that has historically kept its value over the years, ascertain their risks, and protect invested funds from market volatility and downturn, especially when compared to other forms of conventional investment instruments.