Ukraine making 'real forward movement' against Russian defenses, Antony Blinken tells NBC News

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YAHIDNE, Ukraine — Ukraine’s military is making “very tangible progress” in its counteroffensive against Russian forces, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told NBC News on Thursday.

Speaking on a trip to underscore ongoing U.S. support for Ukraine’s fight, he acknowledged the challenge of keeping public attention on the conflict while rejecting concerns that American backing for Kyiv may be waning. He also placed the blame for a lack of peace talks at the door of the Kremlin.

The military campaign in Ukraine’s south and east is seen as key to shoring up allied support for the country’s cause, and after a slow start there have been positive signs.

Ukrainians “knew this was going to be a hard fight but especially over the last couple of weeks, we are seeing very tangible progress,” Blinken said in an interview.