Impeachment threats and shutdown fears: Congress returns for a chaotic September

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WASHINGTON — The divided Congress returns this week after a monthlong summer recess, facing important deadlines and a long to-do list of tasks to keep the federal government functioning.

The first order of business is to fund the government before a Sept. 30 deadline or face a shutdown. The Democratic-led Senate returns Tuesday, and the two chambers are far from agreement, as Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s right-wing members rebel against a short-term bill to prevent a shutdown and buy more time for negotiations.

To further complicate matters, it could collide with a House Republican impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, as a restive conservative wing of the narrow House GOP majority attempts to flex its muscle on investigations and shape the must-pass bills.

Last week on Fox News, McCarthy, R-Calif., called an impeachment inquiry a “natural step forward” for the Republican-controlled House and warned that a shutdown could hinder ongoing GOP investigations of Biden, his administration and his son’s business dealings.