Drama as Mercy Eke’s handler unfollows Venita after she made unexpected revelation about Mercy during the show

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Mercy Eke’s handler has quickly unfollowed Venita on Instagram following an unexpected revelation she made about Mercy.

The former friends Mercy Eke and Venita have now unfollowed each other on social media.

The once inseparable duo, who have been facing increasing tensions inside the house, reached a breaking point when Venita revealed she nominated Mercy for eviction and tried to persuade other housemates to do the same.

In response to this perceived betrayal, Mercy’s social media handler promptly unfollowed Venita on Instagram.

Not to be outdone, Venita’s handler reciprocated the gesture by unfollowing Mercy as well.

This social media fallout has left fans and followers speculating on the future of their friendship once they leave the Big Brother Naija house.

It is clear that the tensions that have been brewing inside the house have spilled over into their online presence as well.

The unfollowing of each other on social media signifies a budding rift between Mercy and Venita.

As fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of the reality show, they are left wondering if the once strong bond between the two can be repaired or if their friendship will remain fractured.