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‘Condoning crime’ – Mixed reactions as Lady Du tries to help nappy thief

Amapiano star Lady Du sparked mixed reactions after she promised to help a woman who was caught stealing nappies.

The Woza hitmaker has been accused of promoting theft after she posted a video of the accused, vowing to help.

Taking to Instagram, Lady Du said she does not condone theft but understood the woman’s situation.

She asked social media users to help her locate the woman, saying she wants to buy nappies for her child.

“Please don’t get my post wrong. I don’t condone theft, but if this was clothes or something that she wanted for herself, I’d understand. I’d like you guys to help me locate this lady, I’d like to buy her Pampers for her child.

“Being a mother I’d never want this to happen to my worst enemy. It is so sad that we as women can humiliate each other like this. It’s tough, and I’m honestly not condoning her stealing ways, but this is so heartbreaking,” she wrote.

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‘I am not promoting theft’ – Lady Du

Lady Du posted an update, sharing that she found the lady.

She added: “She has 3 kids, currently traumatised by what happened. We need to help more people I’ll be sending her details tomorrow after I meet with her.”

The singer also addressed the accusations that she is promoting theft. She said the staff should have handled the situation better.

“My issue with all this is how she was humiliated, the staff [members] know very well they need to take her to the back of the store, call for help, and let management deal with her.

“We need to learn more about mental health, and stop triggering people into killing themselves by posting their miseries. We all have been through tough times. Let’s be kinder.”

Other celebrities, including Gogo Maweni, have since commented on Lady Du’s Instagram post, also volunteering to lend a helping hand.

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