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Big Fat Fab Life star in her 'auntie era' – shows off long-lost sister and niece

Whitney Way Thore drops a bombshell on My Big Fat Fabulous Life in 2023 when she reveals that she has a long-lost sister named Angie. It was news to fans as well as Whitney’s friends and family including her brother, Hunter Thore, and bestie, Buddy Bell.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 11 kicked off on September 5. The TLC series returned to screens addressing the passing of Whitney’s mother, Babs Thore. As Whitney, Hunter, and their father, Glenn, navigate life without Babs, they find out some news that changes their family dynamic all over again.

Whitney Way Thore’s sister Angie

During My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney, Hunter, and Glenn go to visit their long-lost family member, Angie.

The TLC stars find out that Glenn fathered a daughter before meeting Babs and having a family with her.

Angie is described as a “secret, long-lost daughter from Glenn’s past.”

Thankfully, she now appears to be a member of the family these days.

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Whitney is in her ‘auntie era’

Taking to Instagram on September 8, Whitney shared that she’s now in a new phase of life after finding her long-lost family members.

Sharing a video of herself with her sister and her niece, Whitney wrote: “I never imagined I’d have a big sister! Can’t wait for ya’ll to formally meet Angie and my niece, Jaime.”

She added: “Glenn Thore makes no mistakes. I’m in my auntie era.”

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Meet Angie on Instagram

Now that Angie is set to appear on reality TV, she’s created an Instagram page for her fans to follow her.

Angie, whose full name is Angela Burdett, first took to the ‘gram via her account @angieb_2003, on September 6, 2023.

She shares snaps of her son and daughter as well as a throwback photo of herself next to a young Glenn Thore.

Angela’s daughter, Jaime, wrote on her throwback photo: “You can’t deny that DNA.”

Whitney’s niece is also on Instagram at @jaimeleighhh_ where she shares some snapshots of her “living her best life” with her newly-found auntie.


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