Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell appear to be among alleged Trump co-conspirators

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WASHINGTON — The remarkable third indictment of former President Donald Trump returned by a federal grand jury on Tuesday includes six, un-named, un-indicted co-conspirators. But it also contains clues to their identities.

Five of the six alleged co-conspirators, based on details provided in transcripts of testimony to the Jan. 6 Committee and other records, appear to be: Former New York City Mayor and longtime Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani; lawyer John Eastman, who spoke at the Jan. 6 rally and helped architect the “fake electors scheme”; attorney Sidney Powell, who helped lead Trump’s post-campaign legal efforts and promoted conspiracy theories; former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, whom Trump considered making his attorney general; and Kenneth Chesebro, another attorney pushing the “fake electors scheme.”

It is not clear who co-conspirator 6 is.

Prosecutors typically don’t name alleged co-conspirators who have not yet been charged with any crimes.