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Plastic-free Barbie announcement, starring Daryl Hannah, is a hoax (exclusive)

Amid this summer’s ongoing Barbie-mania came one product drop that actually stood out above the bright-pink cacophony: a line of MyCelia™ EcoWarrior Barbies, inspired by environmental activists including Greta Thunberg and Daryl Hannah, along with the unprecedented announcement that Mattel will stop using plastic completely by 2030.

“I am honored to join forces with Mattel in their visionary efforts to create a better world through play,” said actress and longtime activist Hannah in a news release seemingly issued by the toy company on Tuesday, as reported in outlets from the Washington Times (since removed) to People. “Barbie has changed in many ways since I was a girl, but under the surface, she’s still toxic. Now, when she’s done being used, instead of persisting forever as a poison Barbie will be able to return to the earth, just like all living things. I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting journey.”

Even further, noted the press release, the new Barbie line will soon expand to honor more than 2,500 global environmental activists who have died or been killed in the line of protecting nature in the last decade.