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PICS: Worth the gamble? – Take a peep at DJ Zinhle’s sizzling Vegas style

Ntombezinhle “DJ Zinhle” Mohosana and rapper Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena got tongues wagging on social media this week for their snaps and videos with R&B superstar Usher in Las Vegas.

Users felt the Love in this Club hitmaker was a threat to relationships after the SA celebs looked cosy with the international star.

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The interwebs warned the sexy outfit Zinhle had on could cause a tiff between her and her husband Mörda (Murdah Bongz), but neither seemed concerned.

Sexy fashion is nothing new for the owner of Era by DJ Zinhle accessories, who knows when to tone it down and when to turn it up.

We take a look at her Vegas party outfits.

Strapped in

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Zinhle wore a leather bralette, and midnight barring black leggings, but the spiciest part of her outfit was the lower harness around her hip and waist area made of leather and chains.

stylish handmade leather belt on wooden background for mens fashion.jpg s1024x1024wisk20cmVKFD77zr OAq4a cgLSXlJuXdGVPMwYpUPdIcpIaK0
Leather belt with harness. Pic Istock

Lower-body leather harnesses have become a trend in the racier side of the fashion world, and how they are worn determines the level of sexiness. The purpose of the item ranges from the practical, like preventing scaffolders from falling off a building or securing hikers who are abseiling over the side of a cliff, or livening up an outfit.

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It may soon become a part of outerwear trends this spring. After all, what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Blue Lagoon

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America is currently on its last days of summer and the CEO of Boulevard MCC seemed to have embraced the season with skin-barring outfits.

In an electric blue bralette with line accented details, Zinhle posed next to her friend and travel buddy Moozlie. They captioned the image: “Being a working mom, it’s so important to find the moments where I take time out to celebrate myself”.

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Mother to Kairo and Asante, the hardworking mother reminded followers of the importance of me-time.

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Zinhle also showed off some of her Era by DJ Zinhle jewellery, including a chain. Sunglasses completed the look. She was a living example of how indoors sunglasses with a lighter lens can add a look of ‘ swag’ and complete an outfit.

portrait of woman in black bralette and white trousers leaning on rock at beach.jpg s1024x1024wisk20cvCnBpSLFwmG sXm2L0lE2qpcmq2tteR8bgUB20WaGpY
Spring/summer trend Bralette. Pic IStock

Bralettes are a trend that started in 2021 and are coming back in the spring/summer trends of 2023.

As we go into spring next month, they are an item that will be seen in many wardrobes. If you’re not looking to be revealing, wear them under a slightly open shirt or with a sheer jersey or top.

The trick to making a bralette look good is to have a perfect size fitted and look for sturdy traps that don’t fall or slide.

It seems Zinhle’s Vegas look has set the tone for the upcoming season.