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Outdaughtered parents leave 12-year-old to babysit five sisters for first time

Outdaughtered fans may be curious to know more about Blayke Busby’s age in 2023 as her parents enlist her help when it comes to caring for her five sisters. Blayke, and her siblings, known as The Quints, rose to fame on the TLC show after the Quints were born in 2015.

Since then, Danielle and Adam Busby, Blayke’s parents, and her siblings have been documenting their lives on their TLC show and their YouTube channel. The Texas-based family has been through many ups and downs including health scares, having a “sick” house, and opening a brand new boutique. Judging by season 9 so far, the Busbys’ are still riding a rollercoaster in 2023.

Credit: TLC YouTube channel

Blayke Busby’s age

Adam and Danielle Busby welcomed their first-born daughter, Blayke Louise Busby in 2011.

She was born on April 5 in Houston, Texas.

Blayke has appeared on TLC’s Outdaughtered since she was four years old.

She’s the older sister of her quintuplet sisters who were born in 2015.

How old are the quintuplets?

The Busby Quints are eight years old in 2023.

The five sisters: Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, Ava Lane, Riley Paige, and Olivia Marie, were born on April 8.

All six of the Busbys’ daughters are Aries on the zodiac.

The girls’ father, Adam, was born on June 10 and is 41 years old. Given his birthday, Adam is a Gemini.

Danielle, who was born on December 23, is 39 years old and a Capricorn.

Blayke is asked to babysit

During Outdaughtered season 9 episode 4, Blayke and the Babysitting, Danielle and Adam leave their daughters home alone for the first time.

While the parents appear to be stressed at dinner in a preview clip from the show, one fan wrote that it seems that Blayke and her sisters “are having the time of their lives.”

Danielle can be seen saying: “I am in a bind with getting a babysitter.”

Adam replies: “What do you think about Blayke?”

The clip then cuts to chaos in the Busby household in Adam and Danielle’s absence.

Blayke Busby speaks to camera on Outdaughtered
Credit: TLC YouTube channel


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