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DA defends decision not to support motion against Joburg mayor Gwamanda

Democratic Alliance (DA) Gauteng chairperson Fred Nel has defended the party’s decision not to support the motion of no confidence in Johannesburg Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda.

This comes after ActionSA withdrew its motion of no confidence in Gwamanda, claiming sabotage by the DA and a lack of support,

The motion of no confidence in Gwamanda was meant to happen in a council meeting this week.

Council besieged

Speaking to The Citizen, Nel said the Joburg Council has been “besieged” by at least four motions of no confidence since it was installed in 2021.

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‘As the DA we believe this cycle of motions of no confidence will just continue to repeat itself going forward and it’s not sorting out the mess and instability within the Joburg Council.

“We believe the best solution at this stage is to dissolve the council, go to fresh elections and get a new mandate from the voters and hopefully a mandate that will reconstitute the council in a more manageable situation that can also bring about more manageable coalitions,” Nel said.

No trust

Nel said there are concerns if the motion of no confidence succeeds, questioning what government would be installed and the stability of the coalitions.

“Unfortunately, the only way it can be done is if a party like the PA or the EFF is included in that coalition and we cannot support either of them as both of them will bring instability

“The PA has since 2021 changed its position three times on which coalition they want to join. So we cannot afford that,” Nel said.

EFF rejects dissolution

On Sunday, Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) leader Julius Malema rejected calls for the dissolution of the City of Johannesburg Council.

Speaking during the EFF’s briefing on the outcomes of its central command team’s (CCT) meeting on Friday and Saturday, Malema warned the DA the Joburg council will not be dissolved.

“There’s no DA that will dissolve Johannesburg here! If Steenhuisen’s life is dissolved, he must not think that is going to happen in Johannesburg,” Malema told the CCT.

“It’s not going to happen that one. Johannesburg is stable, Johannesburg has got a mayor and the MMCs are up to the task and are trying their level best with limited resources and difficulties we are confronted with in Johannesburg.”

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