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Chaos on board as Below Deck guest has 'very scary' medical emergency

A Below Deck guest, Tom Shelton’s friend Josh, aboard the yacht suffers convulsions, leaving viewers concerned about his fate. Josh tells the cameras that he hopes he feels better. The Below Deck Down Under medical emergency is explained below...

During Below Deck Down Under season 2, the August 28 episode left fans on a cliffhanger as a medical emergency broke out. Viewers have labeled the incident “very scary” and wonder what happened to Josh on Below Deck. We have all the details on what happened to Tom Shelton’s friend.

Below Deck Down Under: Medical emergency

Charter guest Josh had mentioned not feeling good before a medical emergency saw him suddenly choking and collapsing as everyone rushed to help him. The final moments descend into utter chaos.

Deckhand Aesha calls the medic, and Captain Jason Chambers grabs the medical kit to help Josh. It happened only a few hours after boarding when the guys sat down for a multi-course dinner.

Not long after being served seared scallops with Béarnaise and caviar, Joshy began convulsing and making noises. He was shown to be possibly foaming at the mouth before being laid down on his side.

Meet Tom Shelton and Josh

Below Deck’s Tom Shelton was described on the show as a highly successful property developer in Eastern Australia. He was there with his closest friends consisting of seven Australian guys.

He is originally from Melbourne and is the director of Bridport Property Group. Josh is one of the major players in the boutique property development investment business.

Tom is even friends with Below Deck Down Under chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph on Facebook! As per Bridport’s official site, “Tom has been in the property industry for over 20 years, specifically in the development sector, and has held positions in public companies in Melbourne and London.”

Crew worked to help Josh

Scott called for the nearest onshore doctor when Josh began to have a medical emergency. His friends helped him to the ground and Captain Jason rushed to assist, bringing an oxygen tank.

A fan wrote: “#BelowDeckDownUnder omg I hope the guest is ok! I want to see what happened. It seemed like he may have been having a seizure. Epilepsy? So scary.”


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