Avalon Daily’s policy dialogue to ignite conversation on job creation and poverty reduction

The Avalon Daily is set to host a high-level Policy Dialogue on the economy, with a specific focus on job creation and poverty reduction. The event, which is supported by TirtaAyu Spa (Nigeria’s fastest growing SPA and beauty brand), DOA (a leading business law firm in Lagos) and Sen waters, is scheduled for August 12 at 11 AM at Café One, Lekki 1.

The dialogue aims to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including economists, policymakers, business leaders, and representatives from civil society.

The objective is to facilitate an informed and constructive discussion on the pressing challenges related to job creation and poverty reduction in Nigeria.
The event will explore innovative strategies, policies, and initiatives that can stimulate economic growth, promote sustainable job creation, and reduce poverty at both the national and local levels. It also seeks to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants to enhance collective understanding and foster practical solutions to address economic inequalities.