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Vanderpump Rules fans hope Raquel is in a 'better mindset' if she returns

Raquel Leviss is ‘not returning’ to Vanderpump Rules, as per a podcast, but her contract originally had her down to film for season 7 of the Bravo show. In recent days, fans are discussing how they would feel about her potential return. Many hope she’s in a “better mindset” if she does following the Scandoval affair that hit headlines.

Following the Up and Adam podcast that recently came out, the host revealed that he got word from someone close to the Vanderpump Rules production team. He said that they don’t believe Raquel Leviss is coming back but are still remaining hopeful of her return. As a result, fans are talking about the idea of Raquel not returning.

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Raquel ‘not returning’ to Vanderpump Rules

Raquel is reportedly not returning to Vanderpump Rules, as per the Up and Adam podcast. For weeks, most reports stated that the star’s contract meant she was all set to film season 11, but that she has been renegotiating.

The host said Raquel is believed to have been hoping to get paid more, but they are “pretty sure” she is not returning. They are “trying” to get her to come back, while she is not bound to her contract due to medical circumstances.

He went on to say that they were hoping for Raquel, who has been absent from filming so far, to come back to Taho and film with her co-stars there – like what Tom Sandoval was seen doing – as it is a common ground location.

Fans discuss Raquel’s potential return

Following the rumors that Raquel won’t return to Vanderpump, a fan wrote: “I have a sneaking suspicion she will show up halfway through the season as the big reveal.” Another penned: “This is kind of a bummer for us fans if it’s true.”

“I believe it [the possibility of Raquel not returning]. She’s still in Arizona. Wouldn’t she be in L.A. filming if she was going to be on?” questioned a longtime viewer on a Reddit thread.

Some are convinced Raquel will come back, with one saying: “I don’t believe this just yet. She may come back halfway through filming and let’s remember that filming continues until September, so she still has time to make an entrance.”

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Where Raquel is now after Scandoval

Vanderpump Rules fans last saw Raquel at the explosive reunion. She had a restraining order on Scheana Shay at the time, meaning they could not both be in the filming room at the same time.

Tom Schwartz was quizzed on how long he knew about Sandoval and Raquel’s affair, while Ariana Madix did not hold back on her opinions of her former friend. Since then, the latest update is that Raquel went to a rehabilitation center.

Speaking to Page Six, Vanderpump Rules producer Alex Baskin addressed the rumors and said that he hadn’t talked to Raquel directly but he knew that the team was taking care of her following the Scandoval drama.

Baskin explained: “We’ve gotten good reports back from her team — who are taking care of her — and from her family as well. I think it’s a good thing for her to take a minute down and sort of assess where she is.”

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