Tough times? Take it easy; it shall come to pass!

The days of punishment have come; The days of retribution are here. Hosea,9:7

Today, I will be indulging in Afghanistanism, the journalistic practice of leaving critical and controversial issues at home to face inconsequential issues elsewhere. It did not start in Nigeria but it was very popular in those bad old days of Decree 4 and allied instruments of military oppression, suppression and repression.

Today, I will practice another form of Afghanistanism: ignoring the life-threatening challenges facing Nigerians to focus on other small-small things that will divert our attention, even if in the interim, from those existential challenges . This is because, in trouble, to be troubled is to be more troubled. And scratching the head does not solve any problem; it only makes you a craze baldhead according to Bob Marley