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Sukihana's leaked video sparks havoc as people left 'disgusted'

Love and Hip Hop Miami star Sukihana is trending on Twitter in July 2023 as a leaked video of hers goes viral. Many were surprised to see the NSFW Sukihana video on their timelines as the rapper engaged in adult activity. The star’s leaked moment has become a meme across social media platforms with many creating comedic responses to the leak.

Sukihana, who hails from Wilmington, Delaware, rose to fame as a rapper and on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Miami in 2020. She’s also a social media personality and a mom of three. The reality star is set to appear in LAHHMIA season 5 in 2023 which premieres on August 14.

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Sukihana video goes viral

Following the YK Osiris drama earlier this year, Sukihana is trending again as her adult content is leaked online.

Video footage from her Only Fans page circulates the internet in July and fans are in shock.

However, the 31-year-old dubs herself “Suki with the good c****ie” online, and made a cameo in Cardi B’s WAP music video.

Therefore the video leak had some fans saying “this isn’t new at all,” as the star is an OnlyFans model.

Why is Sukihana trending?

On July 11 and 12, Sukihana is trending on Twitter after a video from her OnlyFans page was leaked online where she was allegedly urinating.

The rapper has some people “disgusted” after they found out why she was a trending topic.

However, others who searched online after the VH1 star’s video went viral tweeted that they weren’t surprised by the content.

Fans go meme-crazy

After Sukihana’s OnlyFans leak circulated the internet, many people took to Twitter to share memes in response.

Some shared memes of people looking shocked while others opted for a clip of Selena Gomez wretching on Selena and Chef.

Others weren’t surprised by the content and shared memes saying: “What you expect?”

More shared memes of scared-looking people with the caption: “Damn I guess I haven’t seen it all.”

Another posted: “I’m heading to Threads. Because why y’all sharing that Sukihana video this early like people ain’t having breakfast.”

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